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Vivian & Toby (Owners)

Vivian's and Toby’s love for animals led them to establish HouseBroken in 2001. Vivian has always had a soft spot for homeless dogs, and has been actively rescuing and placing unwanted animals her entire life. Originally from Colombia, Vivian grew up in Westchester and is a graduate of Tufts University and CUNY School of Law. She spent a few years as a hi-tech public relations executive during the dot-com boom, and has successfully practiced as an insurance coverage attorney for over 13 years. Toby, an Idaho native and outdoor enthusiast, grew up surrounded by animals his whole life. Toby is also a graduate of Tufts University, and has been an environmental consultant specializing in hazardous waste management for over 21 years. Together, Vivian and Toby have shared their life with two whippets (Barley and Dylan – RIP) and a rescued pitbull (Zeli – RIP). They now live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with a rescued pitbull named Ketchum.