Serving NYC Pets Since 2001


HouseBroken, Inc. is a fully insured and bonded pet care company that has been serving New York City since 2001. Our main goal is to make your life as a New York City pet owner less complicated and more enjoyable. We understand that life is hectic and unpredictable, which is why our flexible services can be tailored to your specific needs. Most importantly, we believe that your pet should be treated like one of our own and we hold our staff to the highest standards. We know that taking care of your pet is more than a business.

Why Use HouseBroken?

  • We are an established local business with more than 14 years of experience.
  • We offer a broad range of individualized services, including: dog walking, dog sitting, cat sitting, house sitting, puppy visits, and small animal care.
  • We never walk dogs in packs. A maximum of 2-3 dogs at a time are walked depending on your location, and the size and personality of your dog.
  • We are very flexible and can easily accommodate cancellations and last minute walks/visits.
  • We work 365 days a year.
  • We are fully insured and bonded.
  • We utilize the latest technologies that provide an online interface between HouseBroken and its clients.
  • Our employees are professional and committed to providing excellent service.
  • We provide excellent compensation for our employees and comply with all labor laws and regulations, including providing workers compensation insurance and paid time off.

Service Areas

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Boreum Hill, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Bushwick, Carroll Gardens, Clinton Hill, Cobble Hill, Crown Heights, Ditmas Park, Downtown Brooklyn, DUMBO, Fort Greene, Gowanus, Greenpoint, Kensington, Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Prospect Park South, Red Hook, South Slope, Sunset Park, Williamsburg, Windsor Terrace

Long Island City

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All service rates and surcharges are subject to change. The service rates and surcharges described below are current as of May 2015. Please note that an additional 8.875% New York State sales tax must be added to each service rate regardless of payment method.

Dog Walks leash

HouseBroken wants your dog’s walk to be a safe and personalized experience. We only walk a maximum of 2 to 3 dogs at a time depending on your location, and the size and personality of your dog. We will never let your dog off-leash or tie your dog outside unattended. Based on your location, your dog may be walked at a nearby park or around your neighborhood. Our typical dog walk will include fresh water, playtime, and feeding (if requested). For scheduling, we require a 2-hour window around your preferred walk time. For solo walks, we may require a broader window of time.

Standard rates for one dog walked with 1-2 other neighborhood dogs (Monday through Friday between 11am and 6pm):

  • 15-minute relief walk (may not be available in all neighborhoods) $11*
  • 30-minute walk $15*
  • 45-minute walk $20*
  • 1-hour walk $24*
  • 2-hour walk $33*

Households with more than one dog:

  • 15-minute and 30-minute walks - for each additional dog, $4 will be added to the rate.
  • 45-minute and 1-hour walks - for each additional dog, $5 will be added to the rate.
  • 2-hour walks - for each additional dog, $6 will be added to the rate.

Walks performed before 11am, after 6pm, on weekends or on holidays:

  • $5 will be added to the rate.

Solo walks:

  • $3 will be added to the rate. If you do not request solo walks but your dog does not get along with other dogs, or your dog has an illness and cannot be walked with another dog, you will be charged for solo walks.

Puppy Visits ball

Our puppy visits are 30 minutes and are only available for dogs under 6 months of age. Each puppy visit includes a potty break, fresh water, feeding, and lots of playtime. We can also help you reinforce basic obedience training and housebreaking. Of course, cleaning up puppy accidents is always included. For scheduling puppy visits, we require a 1-hour window around your preferred visit time.

Standard rate for one puppy visit (Monday through Friday between 11am and 6pm):

  • 30-minute visit $14*

Standard rate for two puppy visits in a single day (Monday through Friday between 11am and 6pm):

  • 2, 30-minute visits $25*

Households with more than one puppy:

  • For each additional puppy, $4 will be added to the rate.

Visits performed before 11am, after 6pm, on weekends or on holidays:

  • $5 will be added to the rate.

Small Animal Care mouse

Our small animal care visit will typically last 30 minutes and will include feeding, fresh water, changing bedding, and interaction with your pet. If requested, we can pick-up your mail/newspaper and water plants for no additional charge.

Standard rate for visiting up to 3 household animals (between 11am and 6pm):

  • 30-minute visit – $18*

Households with more than three animals:

  • $3 will be added to the rate.

Visits performed before 11am, after 6pm or on holidays:

  • $5 will be added to the rate.

Administering medication to an animal:

  • $2 may be added to the rate.

Cat Visits bowl

Our typical cat visit lasts 30 minutes and includes feeding, fresh water, scooping the litter box, and lots of playtime and affection. If requested, we can also pick-up your mail/newspaper and water plants for no additional charge.

For the safety of your cat, HouseBroken requires daily visits while you are away and will not perform visits on a less frequent basis (e.g., every other day).

Standard rate for visiting up to 3 household cats (between 11am and 6pm):

  • 30-minute visit – $18*

Households with more than three cats:

  • $3 will be added to the rate.

Visits performed before 11am, after 6pm or on holidays:

  • $5 will be added to the rate.

Administering medication to a cat:

  • $2 may be added to the rate.

Pet Sitting bone

HouseBroken’s pet sitting services can be provided within your home or at one of our homes, depending on availability. While staying with your dog, we will try our best to maintain his/her daily walk and feeding routines. If dog sitting services are at your home, taking care of your cats or other small animals is no additional charge. We are also happy to pick up your mail/newspaper and water plants.

Standard rate for pet sitting 1 dog: $75* (per 24-hour period)

Discounted rate for pet sitting 1 dog (applies to HouseBroken dog walking clients): $60* (per 24-hour period)

An entire 24-hour period will be the minimum charge for one day of pet sitting. If the final day of sitting is less than 24-hours, it will only be prorated to a half day if the sitting was less than 12 hours. If the sitting was more than 12 hours, a full day of sitting will be charged. No day of sitting will be prorated on an hourly basis.

During holidays when space is limited and demand is high, we may require a non-refundable 1-day deposit to book your requested pet sitting services.

Households with more than one dog:

  • $10 per day will be added to the rate.

Sitting performed during holidays:

  • $5 will be added to the rate.

Pet transportation (available in certain neighborhoods):

  • If you prefer to have the pet sitting in one of our homes, pet transportation may be available for your convenience. An additional $10 (on weekdays) or $15 (on weekends or holidays) will be added to the total pet sitting bill for each trip. Contact us for specific rates if you need transportation outside of HouseBroken’s service coverage area.

Pet Consierge brush

Is your schedule too busy to run pet errands? Let HouseBroken help out. Whether it’s taking your pet to the vet or groomer, picking up pet food/medication/supplies, waiting for a locksmith, or transporting your pet to a destination within the five boroughs, our staff is here to make your life easier. Our concierge service is only available upon request.

Standard rate for pet concierge services: $25 per hour*

  • If your errand will require the use of our vehicle, a flat fee of $15 will be charged to your account.
  • One hour will be the minimum charge for our pet concierge services. After the first hour, time spent performing concierge services will be rounded up to the nearest half hour.


Scheduling and cancelling walks and visits:

  • If you request a service after 9:00am the day of the requested service – $5 will be added to the rate.
  • If you cancel a service after 9:00am the day of the requested service – a $2 cancellation fee will be billed to your account.
  • If we arrive at your home for a scheduled walk/visit and you cancel upon our arrival, your pet is not home, or we cannot access your home because your door/lock/key is not working properly – a $10 fee will be billed to your account.


  • Please provide HouseBroken with 2 sets of keys to your home during your initial “meet and greet.” If HouseBroken is asked to pick-up or drop-off a set of your keys at a later date, a $10 fee will be billed to your account. To avoid being charged for subsequent pick-ups/drop-offs, we recommend keeping at least 1 set of your keys on file for scheduling future services.
  • If HouseBroken is asked to make copies of your keys, a $10 fee will be billed to your account plus the cost of the keys.

“Meet and Greets”:

  • Initial “meet and greets” with new clients are always free. However, if you require an additional “meet and greet” to meet specific dog walkers or pet sitters, and the appointment must be performed before 11am, after 6pm, on weekends, or on holidays, a $10 fee will be billed to your account.


Vivian & Toby (Owners)

Vivian and Toby’s love for animals led them to establish HouseBroken in 2001. Vivian has always had a soft spot for homeless dogs, and has been actively rescuing and placing unwanted animals her whole life. Originally from Colombia, Vivian grew up in Westchester and is a graduate of Tufts University and CUNY School of Law. She spent a few years as a hi-tech public relations executive during the dot-com boom, and has successfully practiced as an insurance coverage attorney for almost ten years. Toby, an Idaho native and outdoor enthusiast, grew up surrounded by animals his whole life. Toby also attended Tufts University, and has worked as an environmental consultant specializing in hazardous waste management for over 17 years. Together, Vivian and Toby have shared their life with two whippets (Barley and Dylan – RIP) and a rescued pitbull (Zeli – RIP). They now live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn with a rescue named Ketchum.


Brooke (General Manager)

Brooke has been HouseBroken’s general manager since 2012. She is a Licensed Veterinary Technician and professed animal lover, with experience working with a wide variety of dogs and cats. A native of Arkansas and a graduate of Oklahoma State University, Brooke hails from the south. Brooke moved to NYC in 2005 after travelling the world, including two years spent in Cameroon working as a small business enterprise volunteer with the Peace Corps. Brooke and her husband share their home with a Chiweenie named Mango, and a cat named Cat. In her free time, Brooke loves to grow her own vegetables and whip up something tasty in the kitchen. She is also a total chocoholic.


Kim (Operations Manager)

Kim grew up in Nashville and moved to NYC in 2012, and within a month was working for HouseBroken. Kim studied English literature at Middle Tennessee State University, where she developed a passion for children’s literature. She is now expanding on her other interests in film and stop motion, and has become an avid cyclist. A huge lover of animals, Kim has always had a dog or cat close to her bed at night. Kim and her girlfriend, Chelsea (a former HB dog walker), recently adopted Marlow, a HouseBroken client that need a new home. Kim also has a leopard gecko named Gilbert, and shares Brooke’s passion for chocolate.


Brandon (Walker)

Brandon attended Georgia State University where he received a BA in Middle East Studies and an MA in Anthropology. After graduating in 2013, he moved to NYC where he worked on freelance consumer insights research projects. Brandon decided that the NYC ad agency scene wasn't for him and wanted to get back to doing something that he was always passionate about – working with animals, so Brandon joined HouseBroken in the fall of 2014. Brandon currently resides in Bushwick with his 7-year old calico cat, Cleo (a shelter rescue), and 4-year old rescued American Pitbull named Emma. In his free time, Brandon enjoys taking long bike rides to new places (sometimes out of state), and cooking.


James G (Walker)

James grew up in the sunny, tech bubble of Mountain View, California, but he admits to only having a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. James studied at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, and majored in sound design. After spending a summer at an AM Country Radio station internship in north Georgia, James decided to move to Brooklyn on a whim. James joined HouseBroken in 2014 and primarily covers the Bed-Stuy routes. In his free time, James likes to play music, make collages, read and meditate.


James H (Walker)

James is native New Yorker from Queens. He has a degree in Operations Research from Baruch College, and is currently working on his Masters in Statistics. In his free time, James enjoys playing bass, and according to his wife, adopting stray cats and learning all of the names of the dogs in their neighborhood. James grew up around dogs his whole life. Currently, he shares his home with 2½ cats (one is VERY large) and was a former client who used HouseBroken for cat sitting. In the spring of 2015, when he needed more time to go back to school, James decided to work for HouseBroken as a dog walker.


Joe (Walker)

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Joe went to school at the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied Russian. Joe has been living in NYC off and on since 1996 and joined the HouseBroken team in the fall of 2014. Joe has a soft spot for mutts, and fondly remembers the semi-abandoned mutt he took care of for a couple years named Ash. In his free time, Joe enjoys biking, bird watching, and studying the art of memory.


Katie (Walker)

Katie grew up in Oklahoma and Arizona, and attended the University of Arizona where she studied Anthropology/Gender Studies and Film-Television. She moved to NYC in August 2013. Katie joined HouseBroken in the summer of 2014. In her free time, Katie enjoys putting on shows with friends, getting inspired by (or scared from) documentaries, going to comedy shows, movies, and walking. She currently has a nine-year-old cat named Gail "The Snail," who begs for food and sleeps in her armpit.


Mike (Walker)

Mike is a bike enthusiast who was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He grew up around all sorts of animals, including pigs, chicken and sheep, so it is only natural that he chose to work with animals upon moving to Brooklyn. Mike has been working with HouseBroken since the summer of 2014 and primarily works on the Crown Heights route.


Nancy (Walker)

Nancy moved to NYC from Pennsylvania in 2005 to further her career in marketing. After seven years in the marketing industry, Nancy realized her real passion was working with animals and decided to change her career plans to focus more on what she loved most. Nancy joined HouseBroken in the Spring of 2013. When Nancy isn’t working, she spends time with her dog Sam and cat Sabby, as well as with her human friends. She also enjoys cooking, running, biking and playing host to some of her furry HouseBroken friends when their owners are out of town.


Nick (Walker)

Nick hails from Boston and moved to NYC to attend The New School where he majored in Literary Studies. Somewhere down the road, Nick hopes to make a living from writing. Nick had a corgi growing up, and now lives in a house full of animals where he is the designated dog walker. When not working, Nick enjoys reading, writing, and exploring the City. Nick joined HouseBroken in the fall of 2014, and primarily works on the Bed-Stuy and Clinton Hill routes.


Tyler (Walker)

Tyler is from Sebastopol, California, and attended Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon where he studied painting and literature. Tyler moved to New York in 2013 and decided to be a dog walker because he had no source of canine companionship in his life. He joined HouseBroken in the winter of 2015. In his free time, Tyler creates drawings and oil paintings, enjoys building things and riding his bicycle. He hopes to continue creating art and eventually would like to attend graduate school.

Why would I use HouseBroken instead of a “solo” dog walker?

We understand that it may be comforting to have the same person always walk your dog. However, when the “solo” dog walker is sick or out of town, your dog is either left without a walk, or walked by a “backup” walker as a favor. The backup may be a friend “helping” and likely has no professional experience with animals, or may have his/her own dog walking service to manage. In addition, many solo walkers are only “temporary” dog walkers. Dog walking simply becomes a means to an end for them until they can find another job. As a result, a solo dog walker may unexpectedly decide to move out of your neighborhood or dissolve their business.

Once you hire HouseBroken to take care of your dog, you are guaranteed a professional and experienced dog walker. We have been in business for over 14 years, and although HouseBroken dog walker’s may inevitably change over time, Vivian and Toby’s presence and their knowledge about you and your dog will remain constant. Any transition your dog must experience with being assigned a new HouseBroken dog walker will be seamless.


How do I schedule your services?

If you already are a HouseBroken client, we encourage you to login to your account and schedule your own services. You can also email us at, or call our office at 718.622.0600. Regardless of which method you use, you must receive an email confirmation that we have received your request and that your pet has been scheduled for the walk/visit.


Why am I being charged sales tax?

Pet care services in New York City are subject to 8.875% sales tax.


What days are “holidays” that will accrue additional surcharges?

New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Bank holidays (e.g., Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day, Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, etc.) are standard working days for HouseBroken that will not accrue an additional holiday surcharge.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, personal checks and major credit cards (except American Express). You can access your current balance and pay invoices online.


Can my dog be walked at a specific time?

For all dog walks, we require a 2-hour window around your preferred walk time if it is not a solo walk or last minute request. Solo walks and last minute requests may need a broader window due to coordination issues. For puppy visits and dogs with special medical needs, we are able to narrow our window to approximately one hour.


Will the same HouseBroken person walk my dog each day?

We generally assign one primary dog walker per route, and one or two “back-up” dog walkers. We cannot guarantee that the same dog walker will be walking your dog each day. It should also be noted that for clients without a recurring dog walking schedule and for clients who have last minute requests, we may not be able to accommodate your preference for a specific dog walker.


How much time will my dog be outside during a walk?

Our walks begin as soon as we enter your apartment and end when we leave your apartment. If we have to obtain keys from a doorman, the walk will begin when we ask the doorman for your keys. Please note that time spent putting on coats/booties, feeding, medicating, trying to open a problematic door/lock, cleaning up, etc. is included in the walk duration.


Can you let my dog off-leash in a park or a dog run?

Even with your permission, we will not let your dog off-leash for his/her safety.


What types of small animals have you cared for in the past?

We have cared for rabbits, fish, iguanas, guinea pigs, rats, snakes, tortoises, and birds.


Are there any breed(s) of dogs that you won’t sit for or walk?

No…We will sit for and walk any breed of dog as long as the dog does not have a history of aggression towards people.


Why do you need more than one set of keys to my home?

We require two sets of keys to ensure that we can efficiently mobilize outside of our normal office hours, or when you request a last minute walk/visit. If we are only provided one set of keys, the services we can perform for you may be limited.


I no longer need HouseBroken’s services. How can I get my keys back?

If you would like to permanently close your account, and you do not have an outstanding balance, you can arrange to pick up your keys at our office. We also may be able to drop your keys off at your home, depending upon your location and our availability.

To schedule a “meet and greet” with you and your pet, or to learn more about our services, please contact us at: or 718.622.0600

Alternatively, feel free to fill out our Information Request Form and we will get back to you shortly.